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Who is DoniBobes?

Doni Bobes has two names. One, Adam, two Doni Bobes (His YouTube name)

Well he is the owner of a Minecraft-Server, called Performium, with the IP:

On Performium they have many different things too do. They have 3 SMPs, 3 Factions, Roleplay, creative, and many more things.

He does Troll videos where he trolls hackers he finds on his server and uploads these to YouTube. He does not only troll hackers though, he does sometimes troll normal players too. He gives them victim rewards though.

He also has another YouTuber that he records with. His name is Nick. Nick also owns Performium. #NickTheSickDick

(To make it short, Doni is an owl!)

Actually he is an owl. He knows that he is an owl and his skin is clearly an owl. So why would anyone say anything different?

Latest activityEdit

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Doni's current YouTube avatar.